Products and Services

Prediction services are always tailor made to address what one is looking for at any given point of time. Details of prediction services offered by Mysooru Jyothishyalaya are mentioned below:

  1. Making of a scientific Horoscope from accurate birth data including, date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. 
  2. Answering any specific question the client may have. Here we wish to say we would be able to answer most questions but not all. As soon as we realize a question cannot be answered accurately, we let the client know about it.
  3. We offer general predictions for the current year and trends on specific aspects such as, health, finance, education, married life, etc for the next five years. We generally avoid drafting lifelong predictions.
  4. Matching of Horoscopes for the suitability of marriage.
  5. Advising clients on how to make the best of the opportunities in hand or how best to deal with any specific issues or challenges.
  6. Auspicious timing of events (Muhurtha) to maximize benefits, minimize loss, hardship or hurdles, and enhance the possibility of realizing the end objectives of any event quickly and without much effort. These include but are not restricted to the following, such as Fixing the auspicious time of:
    • Marriages
    • House warming ceremonies
    • Opening ceremony or starting an event
    • Taking any actions, such as assuming office, resigning from office, making investments, taking or implementing critical decisions, etc.

Astrological Assisted Decision Making (AADM):

Generally, people seek astrological help, when they are in trouble or facing serious issues and are having limited or no clues about how to deal with it. No doubt astrology definitely can provide help in such situations; however, its impact would be somewhat moderate as only best reaction and no prevention options will be available to deal with the situation at that point in time. Since astrology is the science (call it an art if you wish) of predicting future, it is best suited for managing the future rather than merely addressing current issues on hand. One has opportunities to leverage a lot more from Astrology if it is effectively used to manage the future. We never recommend, perform or endorse expensive and elaborate Yagna’s (Hindu religious worships) or any form of witch craft.

Our experience and high success rate over five decades (Since 1966) help us stay convinced about the usefulness of astrology in helping mankind. We also believe that it can provide manageable and accurate clues and  indications about events ahead of time. This pre-emptive step, at times, can turn out to be the difference between success and failure. However, it is entirely up to the client’s faith, belief, reasoning, and wisdom to take and use our predictions. They are fully responsible for everything they do, based on our predictions, and fully agree not to hold us liable in any form.